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Dimensions: W29.9xH31xD10 cm

Hardware: Raspberry Pi,  Arduino Uno, 10.1 Inch Lcd Display, Liquid Lcd display, Acrilic Panels

Software: Javascript, Arduino Ide, Node


‘anonymousText.tie’ is the output of a critical investigation on the potentials of integrating traditional weaving techniques with social and technical developments that led to current gender situations. 
Just as technological development itself can be perceived as a "feminization" of culture that will lead to an increasing dissolution of gender, the art of weaving can also lead to a subversion of gender roles. 
The project attempts to archive daily or periodic concerns and situations, as women do through history by weaving, and reverse it through today’s communication tools. Starting from this point, a weaving loom simulation was created by programming and an old alphabetical algorithm, named “name drafting”, which is known as code drafting or commemorative drafting, was adapted to the program. The string chosen has a meaning that is personal to the weaver, resulting in a weave embodying this meaning. The basic idea is simple: A string of characters — a word, or more often, a phrase or sentence — is named to make a threading sequence on drafts and pedals. In the process, words stream by getting some fundamental live text data about women, gender and feminism by open Api systems and display on screens. This results that loom generates patterns with text inputs. 
This approach not only empowers expression itself through new forms of storytelling but also contributes to a larger discourse on gender equality and social justice, ultimately creating new possibilities for the future.

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